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Seniors battling student loan debt

Seniors owe more than $86 Billion in student loan debt...

Quick Points:

There is around $1.4 Trillion in student loan debt.
Seniors who are 60+ owe $86 Billion of student loan debt.

This is important to know because this is crippling for many seniors who are on a fixed income.
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Seniors owe student loan debt?

It turns out the average Senior paying on student loan debt owed $33,800.

Some Seniors are paying for their own student loans and some are paying for debt they took on to help a family member.

In 2015, over 40,000 Seniors 65 and over had to give up either Social Security Benefits, Tax Refunds, or other federal payments because they defaulted on their student loan payments.

As you can see, this problem has been going on for several years now.
Could this have been avoided for many of these Seniors?

Many Seniors are tight on money in retirement.

Most were spending too much of their income on mortgage and debt payments to save more.

Planning and putting strategies in place for retirement have to happen years before you will start seeing the benefits.

It takes most Americans 25-30 years to pay off your mortgage and debts. For many it takes longer because they refinance and use equity to pay off debts, which they build back up again over time.

While all this is going on you have to be putting away money for retirement too.

But if you do this right and pay off your mortgage and debts much faster, you could boost your retirement savings and go into retirement debt free.

If these Seniors battling student loan debt today had put some small changes in place decades before retirement, their stories would have been very different today.
What are you doing today to put yourself in a better financial position?

It's hard to pay for life today, pay down your debts, and save for later all on the same monthly income.

Getting ahead takes planning and action. It also requires time to come to fruition.

Waiting today makes things harder on you later, so don't wait to see how you could make things easier on yourself later instead.
Learn something new about yourself and where you are headed financially.

Instead of making the same choices and getting the same poor results many others are experiencing because of their debts and lack of savings, take a few minutes and learn how to change things for the better.

We can show you how to take care of what is arguably the most important aspect of your finances, your losses on your debts.

Get your free savings analysis by clicking the button below and we'll show you how soon you could be completely debt free again and how much you could save in wasted interest.

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