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Savings Analysis Form

Enter your numbers for your Savings Analysis.

We’ll need some contact information so we can get back to you with your savings results. Then you’ll fill in payment terms below, which we’ll use to calculate your savings.

Below you will put in the payment numbers for your debts, so we can create your savings analysis.
This is faster if you grab your statements first,. If you are missing an interest rate or term put in your best guess and we can correct it later.
On the mortgage payment, please just enter the principal and interest payment, do not include the taxes and insurance.
If you know your credit limit on a credit card, enter it and we’ll compare your payment ratios to see if you can save money on a monthly payment with a transfer.

Account Name & Type
i.e. Credit Card 1

Interest Rate
Use best guess if you aren’t sure

Balance Due

Credit Limit
This will help us spot a potential lower payment for you.

Years or Months Remaining
Ignore this for credit cards or other revolving debts)

Minimum Payment Amount

Example: Visa 1






Example: Mortgage




27yrs 6 months


It normally takes 1-2 days to run the analysis. We look forward to sharing your results with you.

If you have finished entering your numbers hit the submit button below. If we have any questions we’ll email you for clarification.

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