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Why is it so important to see your Free Analysis?
One of the main reasons we carry stress in our lives is debt. Debt is also what keeps most of us from saving enough for retirement, which almost no one is saving enough for today.

All of the financial choices you make leading up to your retirement, are going to determine your quality of life after you retire.

Now, if you have a mortgage plus at least 4 other debts, totaling at least $25,000 in non-mortgage debt, this is something you should look at.

What if you could save $50k or more in interest on your debts, boost your retirement savings by $50-100K, and get completely out of debt 5-15 years faster than you are on track to do now?

Everyone's results will be different, based on your current debts. How much could you save? We won't know until we run your analysis. See how you can get Free Analysis below.
This is an example of what you'll learn about your current financial situation. After you give us some payment terms (no account numbers or personal information) we run your numbers and start calculating your Free Analysis savings numbers.

We'll have preliminary savings numbers within 1-3 business days to share with you. Once you see your savings totals, you can ask us to complete your free analysis and share the finalized numbers with you.
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The fastest way is to use the form below...

The form below uses a secure system that sends us the completed form via email and does not store you information on our site.
You fill it in and complete the signature process to verify you would like a free analysis.

You're under no obligation of any kind. Again, your information is not stored on our site. We use this secure system to ensure real people are filling in our form and your information is safe.

You'll see that we are only asking for general terms on your debts. No account numbers are needed to run calculations. We do require contact information so we can update you when the analysis is being completed or if we have a question on missing information on a debt to run your savings numbers.

The instructions on filling in the free analysis request form are below the form, so you can refer to them as needed.
it usually takes 1-3 business days to run your analysis depending on how many requests are ahead of yours. The sooner you fill in your request below, the sooner we can get back to you on your savings results.
Form Instructions
Click blue button "Continue"
to get started.

We use a secure signature system to capture the information you add to your request form. This sends us the actual form without storing any information on our site.

You verify the information came from you via email confirmation. You are not obligated to anything. This just protects your information and ensures we are not spending time & resources on forms filled in by spam bots.
Click Start
Fill in your contact info, please include your age or date of birth.

We use this in a calculation regarding the effect of your debt on your retirement.
Entering your mortgage(s) and other simple interest debts like Autos, Student loans, Personal Loans, etc.

Enter a description, the interest rate, current balance, time remaining, & monthly payment due amount.
Client debt example
Entering Compounded Interest debts like Credit Cards and other revolving accounts where your payment changes as you make purchases or pay it down.

Enter a description, the interest rate, current balance, credit limit, & monthly minimum payment due amount.

The term changes on these as they are paid down or purchases are made. Our system will calculate the term on these later so skip the term column for these debts.
Client debt example
After you enter all of your debts

Scroll down to the end of the form (Page 2).
Click the link to sign.

(Note. The form accommodates up to 25 debts. If you have more than 25, you can repeat this process for the remaining debts.)
Type in your name and click apply.

This will create a signature for you to apply to your free analysis request.

This process protects your information by sending the completed form to us without storing your data on our site.
Click on the button that says

"Click to Sign" at the bottom.
Enter your email and then Click to Sign.

This tells the system where to send you a verification link for your request.
Check your email.

You need to click a link in the email you receive to verify your request for your free analysis.
Open the email and click on the blue link.

After you click the link, your form will be sent to us to get started on.
You'll see the confirmation page.

This means the process has sent us your request form.
We'll typically have your analysis completed in 1-3 business days.

We'll contact you on your savings results when ready.
You'll receive an email with a copy of your request form.

The email shows "agreement" because you signed the end of the request form where it said " I am requesting a free savings analysis of my debts".

This lets us run the analysis and you are under no obligation of any kind.

We look forward to sharing your savings numbers with you.

You can also use the button below to download a form, print it, & fill it in by hand.
Follow the instructions above on filling in the contact and debt information.
Then just take a picture of it and email it to us at
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